Thursday, October 1, 2009


On the night of 12 September 2009, we received a call at 10.45pm from my aunt in Kedah telling us that my grandpa has been knocked down by a car while riding a motorcycle. We were all in shock. My aunt was crying profusely. We were all drained in tears. We started packing our clothes.

But at around 2.40 am, we received another call, this one is about news we don't want to hear. My grandpa passed away on the 13th of September 2009, 2.35 am aged 76. We thank God for not letting him suffer, as he passed out after he was knocked down.

We witness the grace of Jehovah our God, during the preparation of my grandpa's funeral. We didn't know where to bury him. My dad, aunt and uncle went to the cemetery where 14 years ago, we buried our grandma. According to person in charge, the place next to my grandma is no longer available as they want to make in a walkway. But by the grace of God, he was buried exactly next to my grandma.

During the funeral procession, it started to rain, the sky is so dark. We all started to pray. By the time the coffin left the tent, the rain stopped and it was so cooling.

Although my grandpa passed away, he will always be in our heart and our memories.
We thank God for giving us his undeserved kindness.

Rest In Peace