Friday, January 2, 2009

2009's Resolution...

I've never have the habit of making new year resolution *as I can never keep them*. This year however, I decided to make some.So here goes the list of resolution:
  • eat healthy *keep fast food at a minimum level... bye McD*.
  • lose weight .
  • keep my room less like a world war II's aftermath.
  • spend more time with my family.
  • buy less heels/shoes *keep it to less than 3 pairs*.
  • buy less earrings *I have over 40 pairs*.
  • sleep earlier .
  • stay in touch with family and friends as much as possible.
  • be a better daughter in 2009 than I was back in 2008.
And most importantly...
  • devote myself more in church affair.
  • read more Bible.
There you have it, my 2009's resolution...
By the way... Chinese New Year is 23 days away, and my journey back to my home town begins in 20 days...

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