Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Of Random-ness...

It's more than 10 days since I last updated. Nothing much happened in between. Oh, I went to watch Race To Witch Mountain with my bro last Sunday. The film was entertaining to watch. Nothing too heavy with funny dialogues.

I'll say this movie is worth a watch.
On a second note, my aunt from Johor in here in KL. Her youngest daughter gave me a major shock yesterday. My aunt, uncle and my parents went to visit my uncle's relative yesterday night leaving her children with my siblings and I at home.
Everything was well until her youngest daughter age 8 started crying. My sis was trying to hard to make her stop crying and tell us what's wrong. That went on for fifteen minutes until I carried her and put her on my lap. I wiped her tears dry, hugged her and ask her what's wrong. Then she finally told me that she wants her mum...

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