Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Little Nyonya...

I've heard about this drama for a while now. I don't understand what's the fuss all about, that is until I finally watched it myself.
My mum got so caught up with it dragging me along. Although I didn't watch it from the 1st episode, I fell in love with the culture, clothes and food showed in this drama. I got home yesterday around 6.30pm and my mum was watching somewhere in the 10th episode. I sat down to watch and when I looked at the clock it 12am already.

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This drama stars the beautiful Singaporean actress Jeanette Aw. I started to notice her when I watch Holland V sometime ago. She plays 2 characters in here as mother and daughter.
I think that this is NOT just a drama. It actually brings you closer to the Peranakan culture.
Now that I've watched it, I finally understand why The Little Nyonya is the highest rated drama in Singapore.
I see the dvd's on sale in Speedy now.
Here's the official website of The Little Nyonya.
I hope my mum doesn't continue to watch the drama when I'm at work... haha

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Anonymous said...

haha... i just watch few episodes only...