Monday, November 3, 2008

Capalang in one post....

Ok.. First my washing machine decided to fail on me... So I have to do all the laundry manually. Thank God I'm not people who pile the laundry before washing them or else I might have died doing laundry.
Laundry aside....

Yesterday I went to 1U with my siblings. Main intention is to go get new clothes (read: CNY clothes). Somehow, none caught our eyes. So we went to Coffee Bean to chill. We actually wanted to hang out in Starbucks but it was so crowded.

We went walking around and almost got lost in 1U... Then I went to my favourite place in 1U *2nd favorite actually, 1st is Neway* Pay Less Books.... and I got myself... THIS>>>>
I've always wanted to get this book and I finally got it and it only cost RM 15.00.
Time to sell off some old books to get some new books ^_^v


Lasker said...

wah, what is this book about ah?
I see the picture I already 'turned off' liau :D:D

What do you mean you don't pile laundry, means you wash one at a time at the washing machine? Macam wasteful like that :heehee:

Anna said...

The book is telling stories of 2 person so in love with each other but faced objections from family..Kinda like Romeo and Juliet but took place during the Medieval

Washing machine kantoi liao ma...So wash one by one during mandi lo... Pile up means I mati lo..