Friday, December 19, 2008

It's My Day...

This is something I never expect to get... lol..
Since 1 week ago MyFm had this SHE Meet The Fans Session game going on. All you have to do is call in answer a simple question about SHE then create a radio programme for FM SHE. So my sis keep asking me to help her call in as her Mandarin is bad *very bad*. I didn't really bother about calling at first because I thought that SHE is the TOP band in Asia, thousands of people are gonna call in at the same time. What are the chances? Anyway, my sis and I tried calling at 11 something today (we work at different place and communicate through MSN). but we couldn't get through. We called so many times.

*picture from*
Then. again at around 2pm my sis said that the SHE game is on again and it's the last run already, so I just dialled the number. It was busy during the first few attempts and I told myself that if it's engaged again this time, I'm just gonna hang up and moe on with my life...
Then it happened, Vivian, the MyFm DJ picked up the phone. My heart was beating like 795118962145 times per second. I was so nervous when I say the station's slogan and answering the question. The worst part is when I have to say what is the programme that I'm gonna do for FM SHE, my brain was totally blank (ans I was doing all that while msn-ing my sis) Then I said something like 'I'll do a programme where it features beauty and good for the environment'. And I got the 4 VIP tickets... My sis is waaaaaaay more excited than I
So I have 4 VIP ticket and I only need 3 for my sis, my bro and myself.
There's 1 more extra ticket...

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