Wednesday, April 29, 2009

6 Days To Go...

I know you might be asking, 6 days to what?
Actually, it's 6 days to me loosing my identity as a teenager.
I'll be turning 20 soon.
Although I'm too keen about it, it's still coming.
So I might as well look at it in a positive way.
Erm... Since I'm not a person who celebrates birthdays, I'm just gonna be at home with my family.
I'll be really happy if I get to spend it with my family.
I thank God for keeping me save and out of harm for so many years. I pray that God will keep looking after me.

Here's a little message to my parents:
Mommy, I know that 20 years ago, you undergo a C-section in the process of giving birth to me.
I also know that I can never do enough to re-pay the love and support you gave.
Daddy, I know you work really hard to provide for us. I can't do enough to re-pay you too.
Although we don't always see eye to eye, I know everything you do is out of good will.
Thank You dad and mom for your unconditional love.

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