Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Past Weekend...

Last Friday I took the day off from work. Went to NRD to get my i/c changed. The lady at the counter was plain rude. What a way to kill my day. Then went to eat curry mee with my parents and sis. Later, we return to Paramount to open a bank account for me.

Then Mandy came and fetch my sis and I back to high school. It's nice to see my teachers and juniors. Most of the teachers were shocked, so shocked to my sis. After hanging around in school, we went to 1U with my sis, Mandy, Karmen, Ivy, Joyce and Shanon. Joyce and Shanon went to watch Knowing while 5 of us had lunch in Garden.

We walked around looking for nail polish. Went to 3-4 shops and ended up at the first shop. My sis feel that we are weird. LOL

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