Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thank You Shout Out...

This post is specially dedicated to Lasker and Elise.
Saewei suggested that we do a syncronised post to thank Lasker and Elise for creating ShoutOut that gave us so many great friends...

So here's my part...
It's been almost a year since I joined ShoutOut on 19th of Nov 2007. I still remember I got to know ShoutOut (or SO as we Shouters call it) through Cedrics' blog. I was greeted with warm welcome from Saewei and others, they then persuaded me to put SO in my blog and well, the rest is history...
My first impression on ShoutOut is the people is really nice and friendly.
After 2 months of shouting in SO, I went for my 1st outing as a Shouter at RedBox The Curve...I remember being really quiet then.

Below is some random Family pictures of ShoutOut Outing

This is my 1st Family Photo from my 1st outing...

This one is taken at Murni after the gang came down from Genting,
which I didn't go :(

This was taken at Chilis Mid Valley when celebrating my b'day...

This was taken at Ming Tien Tmn Megah after we went to Murni which
was not open... Guess what, the camera was place on a mug -_-!!! right...

Check them out too:
Chee Hsien
Ping Ping
*please let me know if I missed you out*


SaeWei said...

Weeee... Finally your post came out... :D

I've re-link you ady :)

angelinemiss said...

weeeeee~~~ i see my muka! LMAO!
anyway, i miss u... :)

Elise said...

Your posted time was 5pm. It is the prove.

Although we haven't meet, but many thanks to write this post. :)

Hugo Lim said...

yeeeee... u missed me =(

haha nvm.. thanks for being part of the big big family =)

Lasker said...

Hey Anna,
Many many thanks for your kind words .. :)
It was really fun jumping through the blogs and seeing many of you posted these things .. so happy and touched la :)

Thank ya Anna, one day we shall meet geh, when we go KL !! :)

Anna said...

Thanks babe...

Yesh your muka is there.
I miss you too:(

haha got prove... I so wanna meet you ^_^

You din buat the post pun xP
Thanks for being part of the family too :)

Compared to what you did for us, it's nothing...

Come KL soon ya...

Bryan Hoo said...

why dun hav Bryan Hoo in the list geh? =p