Thursday, October 23, 2008


*I actually wanted to blog in Chinese but due to my laziness to type in 'pin yin', I decided to do it in English instead*

I find myself just wanting to blog so much lately. Problem is I don't have anything interesting to blog about. My parents went outstation for business trip again. I pray that they have a save trip and everything goes well for them. Looks like it's just my siblings and I this weekend *so I get to play head of family again hahaha* and I gotta cook this weekend. Every single time I ask my sis what she wants me to cook for the weekend, she'll forever answer 'Pan Mee for Saturday and Spaghetti for Sunday'. Standard answer lol.

I'm really glad I don't feel as bad as yesterday. Thanks for your concern friends. I shall be fine in no time.

Time to go buy the ingredients after work...LOL


- PC - said...

i oso wan Pan Mee for Saturday and Spaghetti for Sunday!!!!
so can cook extra 4 me!!! LOL
no1 home ah?? i come over la.. :p

Lasker said...

Lai lai lai ..
Here I am to push Anna totally and completely out of the 'Not Fine' zone to the 'Fine' zone ..

Come out and join us .. we are waiting for you .. :whee:

SaeWei said...

ehhh Chapati for breakfast??? You want any adik angkat?