Monday, October 13, 2008

月光手札... Moonlight Handbook...

青春是窗边那份月光手札 (youth is like a moonlight handbook by the window)
遇见你 之前纸页 无暇 (before meeting you, pages of the handbook is clean)
曾经的夜里 你会点灯开始写她(those nights where you use to light a fire and write about her)
用世上 最轻最温柔的笔画(using the softest, most beautiful strokes of brush))
你不爱了吧 所以渐渐的将笔搁下(you no longer love, slowly you put down the pen/brush)
只剩我一个人傻傻 在月光下静静翻阅那些话(I'm left alone under the moonlight reading the handbook sillyly)
爱不爱我你都懒得回答(心为了谁而落发 )(you are not bothered to answer me if you still love me)(heart broken for who)
原来我付出的年华(all the sacrifices that I made)
只换到你的潇洒(怎麽做才叫放下)(only to be paid by your carefree attitude) ( what should I do to let go)
我的愿望奢侈吗 就算只是一小束花 ( is my dream too much even if it's just a litlle bouquet of flowers)
(心早已为你落发 )(you are not bothered to answer me if you still love me)(my heart is broken for you)
我的眼泪你也慢慢别过头不再去擦 (my tears, you slowly turned away, not bothered to wipe then off anymore)

(一地的无尽挣扎)(an endless self conflict)
我是一把无奈的雪花 漫步在你给的炎夏( I am a helpless snowflake, under the heat of summer)

深情像无须灌溉那盆假花 (passion, like plastic flowers which doesn't need watering)
所以你 远远忽略了也 不怕( so you are not afraid to neglect it)
没有爱了吧 所以你渐渐不再看她( no more love, so you don't at it anymore)
只剩我褪色的枝枒 在月光下没有人可以说话(I'm a flower which lost it colours, under the moonlight, no one to talk to)

我是那份悲伤的手札 只为等你写几句话( I'm the pathetic handbook., longing for you to write something...)

This is my latest song obssession, a song from S.H.E's new album. The translation is done by me, kinda off course at some parts, just trying to make it sound nicer.

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