Monday, October 1, 2007

Me and My Dream 我和我的梦想

When I see someone hosting a show,I wish I am that person... I WANT to be that person... I know I canbe that be person... But sadly now I'm stuck in a place doing what I said I don't want to do... Sitting in an office repeating the same stuff EVERY SINGLE DAY... I totally feel like crap doing it...我也有我的梦想啊,我相信每个人都有权力去实现自己的梦想。。。只要你有恒心就一定做得到。。。 我说得对吗?话说回来,我不是不去实现我的梦想,只是我目前还没有这个能力。。。
烦啊。。。 Stuck in place doing things I hate... Pathetic or not... No matter what the world think of me,I'll definately prove to you who I really am... I will be what I want to be...

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